About us

We are the investment management company INVIN which was founded in 2010. We offer project management and site supervision. Our mission is to ensure that your project proceeds on schedule and at the agreed budget and quality. We appreciate the trust and loyalty of our existing customers and believe that a satisfied investor is the best business card we can give. It would be our pleasure to win your trust as well.

“Fairness is the ultimate human quality.”


  • We collect all inputs, documents and information, analyse them and set the best possible project management system
  • We define the project master time schedule
  • We coordinate and supervise the project and design work, from the study to the tender design
  • We organise the tender for a general contractor and/or package contracts, and prepare contract proposals and negotiate contractual terms
  • We perform all necessary preparation works needed for construction commencement
  • We organise the site handover



  • We organise and oversee construction activities
  • We prepare construction progress reports, identify potential issues and propose a solution for them
  • We organise and oversee site meetings
  • We check structures and elements that are going to be covered and we check the progress of the workagainst the time schedule
  • We instantly notify the customer about all important events on the site
  • We oversee the work quality
  • We administer and check agreements and all amendments thereto
  • We organise comprehensive testing and the final work handover
  • We organise and assist with obtaining the occupancy permit

  • We check whether all defects have been duly eliminated
  • We collect all final documents, archive them and submit to the investor
  • We assist with the start of building operation and cooperate with the selected facility manager
  • We handle warranty claims



  • We analyse all inputs and prepare the cost plan
  • We engage our value engineering team to optimise costs
  • We assist with the organisation of a tender for the general contractor
  • We evaluate the actual progress of the work on a monthly basis.
  • We validate the contractor’s monthly invoices
  • We estimate the price of changes (change requests) and discuss them with the investor
  • We prepare and review the final bill
  • We prepare the final financial report and evaluate the final project result
  • We check and release the resources retained based on the contract for work


Value Engineering involves a detailed technical and economic project assessment. The customer receives an optimisation proposal regarding the fee and operating costs. Value Engineering can be applied in all project stages (design preparation, tender, construction). To ensure success, Value Engineering proceeds as follows:

  • We engage a team of qualified experts who are not linked with the design team. This ensures that nothing will be omitted by the experts who work on the project on a daily basis any may be blind to certain things.
  • Only highly qualified experts, who also have great experience with design and construction, are invited to join the VE team.
  • The Value Engineering team analyses the project in detail and estimates the savings of your investment costs (or operating costs) against the design variant. The Value Engineering team must count, among other things, the following specialists:
    • The team leader, Expert for the civil part, Specialists (MPE, HVAC, etc.), Cost Manager

value engeneering


  • The HSE coordinator supervises health and safety on the site and eliminates the risk of potential accidents
  • The HSE coordinator registers the construction project with the Regional Labour Inspectorate in accordance with act No. 309/2006 and its amendment 88/2016
  • The HSE coordinator prepares the HSE plan and keeps it up to date
  • The HSE coordinator organises HSE site meetings
  • The HSE coordinator checks the site for HSE compliance on a regular basis
  • The HSE coordinator reports each HSE breach by the contractor and proposes and calculates sanctions to which the investor is entitled based on the contract for work


  • We assist with the preparation of documents appended to the zoning permit and building permit application
  • We negotiate the tender design with the relevant authorities and organisations
  • We prepare the zoning permit and building permit application
  • We obtain the occupancy permit for the investor (and/or the preliminary use permit)
  • We attend the trial operation and warranty tests